The main idea of Memorix Anatomy
“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough”. This paraphrase of Albert Einstein's thought is as valid as ever. We are living in an age of rapid increase of information, which places escalating demands on students who are under the pressure of incredible progress in science. It is thus vitally important from the student’s point of view to choose and absorb the most essential information, as well as to retain information relevant for their future medical careers. It is also important that information is presented in understandable and student-friendly manner. The goal of Memorix Anatomy is to teach anatomy in a way that will prepare students for their future medical careers, keep them motivated and support memory consolidation so that they can recall their knowledge of anatomy easily.

During his preclinical years of medicine, the main author R. Hudak realised that many anatomy textbooks fail to present information in an easy-to-learn and student-friendly manner. Students typically get lost in long, sophisticated, detailed sentences containing specialised medical terms. According to our Students´ Opinions Survey, most students consider these textbooks very difficult for “first reading”, effective studying and revision. This gave us the idea of creating a textbook that is concise, well-arranged and easy-to-learn from: Memorix Anatomy.

This comprehensive anatomy textbook was composed and written by a team comprising medical students and young medical doctors. Our primary goal was to avoid the pitfalls of the classical anatomical texts. We seek to explain all the medical terms used in the book (also providing their Greek or Latin translations) and emphasise the most important information and take-home messages. We also highlight the importance of topographical anatomy, which has been designated its own chapter.

Memorix Education System

Anatomy can be learned very quickly. But it can also be quickly forgotten. To keep the anatomical knowledge in your memory, it is necessary to study and repeat systematically. That is why we created the Memorix Education System with specialists in teaching psychology and andragogy (teaching of adults). Read more.


The creation of the Czech and English version of Memorix Anatomy involved together over 200 people. Members of Memorix team sincerely thank all of them from the depths of our anatomical hearts. See the list of co-workers.
Motto of Memorix Anatomy
“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein